Actually enjoy the process of monetizing your social media.

connect quickly & effortlessly 

Brands and influencers connect and communicate within this one easy-to-use application. Sign in through Instagram and immediately find brands and influencers to collaborate with. Find like-minded accounts, send messages, draw up contracts and update progress once campaigns are underway. Upon completion, payment is processed through the app giving users a seamlessly simple experience. 

know who you're working with

If you see a brand or influencer you're unfamiliar with, simply click on their Brandasaur profile to see statistics and ratings before you connect. Unlike other platforms' self-reported data, these metrics are pulled directly from Instagram and Brandasaur's in-app rating system. Once your contract has been fulfilled, you will have the opportunity to rate the brand or influencer you were working with to continue to give future Brandasaur users a transparent experience. 



in-app Payment 

Contracts, conversations and payments are held within the application, giving you quick access to the information you need. Sync your preferred method of payment and request or submit payments without leaving the app. You'll never have to dig through your email archives to refresh your memory on past contracts and conversations. 

For everyone  


If you're just starting out or if you have 80k followers, there's a connection waiting for you. Our advanced filtering system enables you to quickly narrow your search to find the exact brand or influencer that fits your goals. 


Our mission is to make monetizing Instagram easy and enjoyable for brands and influencers alike.