About Us


The idea for Brandasaur was born soon after Diana started a craft blog and decided finding followers and sponsors should take more than a stroke of luck. Sending emails out into the dark seemed impersonal, yet connecting via a dm on social media felt a little tacky, and often businesses don't even look there due to spam. The solution: a social media for professionals with the sole purpose of making contacts and carrying out campaigns. This app was built with you in mind, making it easy to use for everyone! 


Diana Lantukh, Founder and CEO

She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Diana has a B.S. in Chemistry, but found that helping people solve problems is more fun than spending her 8-5's in a lab. 


Katie Lantukh, Creative Director

She lives in Atlanta with her husband, daughter and doodle. Katie is a writer, bookworm and marketer because c'mon, even introverts like the outside world.